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In which countries is the party active?

Europe is interpreted more broadly by Volt than just the current borders of the EU, so in addition to the 27 EU member states, our chapters operate in four other countries: United Kingdom, Switzerland, Albania and Ukraine. There are countries where the local party organization has several thousand members, and there are countries such as Hungary, where a handful of determined people are trying to set the local movement on a growth path.

31 country chapters of Volt

Who are the members of the Party?

In January 2022, Volt counted nearly twenty thousand legal members, while two years ago this number did not even reach nine thousand. The majority of party members are between the ages of 25 and 30 and live in the Netherlands, Germany or Italy. Within the party, we can find more members than average who have a connection with more European countries and cultures or whose country of residence is different from their native country — and this is also true of Volt's activists in Hungary. On the map below, we can see where the participants of the last general assembly in Prague came from: this clearly shows the cultural diversity of the active membership too.

Where did the attendees of the 2022 Prague General Assembly come from?

Where have we already won the trust of our voters?

More than 100 Volters have won the trust of their voters in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria and Portugal. Volt's representatives work in the European Parliament, national parliaments and municipalities to build a more European future. You can view the full list of more than 100 elected officials on the main site.

Our elected officials in Europe
In which cities are our elected officials working?