Volt in the press

Below you can browse videos and articles presenting Volt, produced by independent media:

TLDR News introducing Volt

A federal Europe? The party trying to unite Europe further. A ten-minute summary about us featured on the popular YouTube channel.

YouTube: A Federal Europe? The Party Trying to Unite Europe Further - TLDR News

Fredo Rockwell's report on our Prague General Assembly

A vlogger dealing with various political topics participated in our last annual general meeting in Prague, interviewed many former activists and shared his impressions of our movement.

YouTube: Volt Europa General Assembly 2022 | My weekend in Prague!

A party with life and soul

The creator of the above video, Fredo Rockwell summarised also in an opinion piece what the thinks about our party.

The New European: A party with life and soul

Fredo Rockwell - A party with life and soul

Making Europe more democratic

A short introductory video about Volt, in the context of other movements similar to ours working for renewal at the European level.

YouTube: Making Europe democratic - pt. 3 - Volt