Meet us!

We organise in-person and online Meet & Greets on a monthly basis. The easiest way of getting informed about these events is to sign up for our newsletter.

In-person Meet & Greet

Usually, on a Thursday evening, Hungarian Volters gather in downtown Budapest in a Café, where everyone is welcome who is interested in our party. It is a two-hour meeting where we introduce ourselves to the newcomers, answer their question and eventually have an informal discussion about Hungarian and European politics.

Online Meet & Greet

As not every Volter or other individual interested in us can travel to Budapest to meet us, we regularly organise online meet & greets, with a similar structure to our in-person meetings. During these online video calls, there aren't any expectations: e.g., if you don't want to turn on your camera, introduce yourself or ask questions, it is not a problem at all.

As the language of these meetings is by default Hungarian, it is perhaps better to sign up for an online one-on-one introduction first if you would like to know more about us.

The events are usually announced one or two weeks beforehand:

Currently we don't have any events scheduled. Please come back later.