More Europe to Hungary, more Hungary to Europe!

We would like to see our country becoming more and more similar to European countries that are richer and happier than us – and at the same time, we also want our country to have a fair share in influencing the future of the European Union.

Following the happiest countries

Eight of the ten happiest countries in the world are European. Therefore, if we want to live in a happier place, we must learn from these societies, by looking at how their public life, political system, education, and healthcare system work, and then apply as many best practices as possible, taking into account our local circumstances.

Deepening ties

The good news is that due to our membership in the European Union, we have already adopted many European best practices, as our legislation already includes many laws and regulations that have been introduced the same way in all EU member states. In addition, we Hungarians have similar views on many things in life, and our culture shares many common features with other European countries.

However, the Hungarian activists of Volt Europe want more than that: with a progressive, pragmatic, pan-European vision in mind, we are working towards making Europe a strong, federal state, “united in diversity”.

Mutual cooperation

We strive to strengthen our relationship with Europe, which also means that we want to see our country becoming a reliable and constructive negotiating partner, that has mutually good relations with all member states. Only this way, we will be able to meaningfully represent the interests of the Republic of Hungary, and furthermore actively contribute with our own initiatives to the development of the Union.

This mutual cooperation can already be seen in action in our pan-European political party: Hungarian activists participate in the political work of the European organisation, and Hungarian members of the party with their votes can also exercise an influence on formulating the political priorities.

Join us and support us! Let's bring the voice of Europe to Hungary and the voice of Hungary to Europe!